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Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.

GMail Todo Redux

It’s cool because it rhymes. So, you might remember my very simple GMail Todo List which I still use daily. What if I don’t want to keep GMail open to see what I need to do? Well, if you have Vista or some sort of desktop widget/gadget you can subscribe to feeds. Luckily, GMail has Atom feeds setup for your labels:

Review: P-Touch PT-18R Label Maker

Much like Lifehacker has featured some great geek toys lately, I had a neat toy come into my Inbox from ReviewMe (I was paid to review this labelmaker). I chose to play with this labelmaker because a) I needed an excuse to start re-organizing my file cabinet, b) I love to make labels, and c) this looked like a great product. I only want to write about things that you might find useful, too…

Wednesday Wisdom

Today is Pi Day. Nerds rejoice! If you don’t understand why, go ask Wikipedia. What’s your favorite non-traditional holiday?

Tuesday Tip: Get a paper shredder

I’ve put it off for so long. I always know I need to get a shredder and start destroying some documents. With 2006 taxes coming up I have no need to hold onto 2005 pay stubs, I’ve already reconciled to my W-2s. I have no need to hang onto old University bills, credit card statements, etc. In fact, here’s a guide on what you can trash. But, before you put it out on the curb you should definitely look a little closer..

Morning routines rock

Not a morning person? That’s fine, most people aren’t. Though, have you ever noticed that some of the most productive (and successful) people you know are early-risers? Sure, there are exceptions to this rule but in general, those that get up early use those first few hours to get their day started the right way.


I hate the (RED) campaign and everyone associated with it (both the consumers and the companies advocating it). Josh Spear has posted a neat little news clip about it. CNN says:

The Walamu Story

Rohail Rizvi introduced me to a website he has been working on while in college: Walamu. Walamu is posed to become a successful college marketplace with classifieds and textbook sales (local to universities). Rohail is a student at Rutgers and a member of a very neat young entrepreneur group called Mind Petals. I liked his story enough to look into Walamu a bit more…

Blogging Audiences and Feedback

Chris Yeh has put together his theory behind blogging. It’s clever. It makes sense when you read it. In short: the more you talk about, the less focused you are, the less readership your site will enjoy. In other words, if you don’t write for a niche you won’t be “successful.”

Budget your time like it’s your money

Actually, I think the title should read more like: “budget your time nearly the same way you should be budgeting your money”. If you know me then you I’m a) an accountant, b) a big fan of personal finance, and c) looking for new ways to be productive. I’ve found a secret I’ll share with you right now. When you “budget” your time, do it the same way you “budget” your money…

San Francisco Vacation

This weekend I decided to return to San Francisco. I figured the first time (only two weeks ago) was strictly business so I needed to go back and see the sights. Plus, Noah was celebrating his birthday and I couldn’t not be there. Thus, I left for SFO on Friday morning…