Tuesday Tip: Get a paper shredder

I’ve put it off for so long. I always know I need to get a shredder and start destroying some documents. With 2006 taxes coming up I have no need to hold onto 2005 pay stubs, I’ve already reconciled to my W-2s. I have no need to hang onto old University bills, credit card statements, etc. In fact, here’s a guide on what you can trash. But, before you put it out on the curb you should definitely look a little closer..

So, do what I did and head out to Target (Wal-Mart, Office Max, etc.) and pick up one of those simple paper shredder attachments. They sit right on top of your existing trash cash and get the job done.

Shredder Attachment Tucked away nicely One at a time warning

I was scared to see the last four digits of my SSN showing up on pay stubs. With my name last four, and a little more work someone could probably get my wireless phone account, PayPal password reset, bank password, etc. Heck, with a bank statement you could probably verify my identity over the phone. You’ve heard of pretexting right?

My new shredder has given me peace of mind and more file cabinet space. So, what are you waiting for? It’ll probably cost you less than $15.

Warning: Be sure you only operate your shredder “one person at a time”. Muti-person simultaneous use is apparently a little-known hazard.