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Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.


A friend and I visited Cartagena, Rodadero and Santa Marta in June 2008. After staying in the city of Cartagena for a few nights, we traveled a half-day by bus to Rodadero to enjoy the beaches and the nightlight of Santa Marta. […]

How to create a web design proposal

The folks over at 37signals have put out a request for firms to apply to redesign their blog. This is a simple request with everything I need to evaluate the project: budget, timeline, scope, deliverable, and expectations. All of this is brilliantly captured within 324 words. Every day I wade through 30-slide PowerPoints and 12-page RFPs I truly wish more people were this straightforward. Frankly, in my experience, some of the simplest project requests work out the best.

Google Street View snowmobile

Whilst the Google Street View snowmobile is incredibly cool and innovative, I worry for the small companies that are building guides, videos, 3D trailmaps, and augmented reality applications for ski resorts. Once Google Maps introduces a new feature, it almost instantly becomes the de facto standard.

Are Yelp check-ins a conflict of interest?

The concept of “checking in” to a location using a web-based service is not new. Brightkite, Foursquare, and Gowalla have all been doing this for quite some time. But ever since Yelp has joined the fray, I can’t help but feel awkward about it.

Seeking success via celebrity

The American culture has become ever noticeably celebrity-centric. Ever since California elected itself a Republican Governor it’s become very obvious to me: no matter how bad the last guy did, how does the most liberal state in the union do that? For one, Schwarzenegger is recognizable and, through his acting and body-building days, a celebrity.

Posterous: three months in review

One of the greatest hosted services on the web is Posterous (pronounced a few different ways but consensus is: pahst-err-uhs). I experimented with the service for a few months and came to love it. If you take photos, its great. If you record video or voice notes, it’s excellent. If you blog, magnificent. If you want to do all of these (and more) in one unified place, then Posterous is the site to do it.

Simple tweaks to your iPhone-friendly website

If you own and operate a website, odds are you have mobile users browsing it. Be sure you take care of these people as their numbers are ever-growing.

Google Profile tips: OpenID delegate, resetting profile photo

I’ve been more and more interested in having Google manage, store, and maintain my entire life. Not just my digital life, but my real life. Needless to say, I’ve been using Google Profiles and have come up with a few neat tips.

Great web apps you may not know

I have five web applications that excel in so many ways (beauty, simplicity, usefulness) and I wanted to share them in case you hadn’t heard of them yet. 

How I backup my computer

View my backup diagram on Scribd