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Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.

Gladwell Blog

Brand Autopsy points out one of my soon-to-be favorite blogs:

Working From Home

Heather mentioned working from home the other day and I, too have thought extensively about it. In fact, Seth made an awesome point:


Well, ask and you (well, I) shall receive. I’m now interning with James Turner of One by One Media and working my way towards Blogonomics.Blogonomics is a 5 day blog conference in October where individuals like Jeremy Wright, Tris Hussey, Darren Rowse and Robert Scoble will be speaking (among many other people). This should be a great trip because it’s not merely a social opportunity, it’s a cruise! I didn’t even realize cruise ships had wireless. Personally, I’m looking forward to a day of (mini) golf and some great company.

Biphasic Sleep (Napping) FAQ

I keep getting asked a few of the same questions so I thought I’d take a post to gather my thoughts on biphasic sleeping, also known as napping.

Event Discounts

Why don’t awesome events have student discounts? I can start rattling off a list of big events I would kill to go to this year (or last, or probably even next). But, they cost something like $300, $500 or even $1000-plus. Jeremy pointed out Blogonomics today. It sounds like an awesome trip. Why don’t the folks putting on big events start setting aside some student tickets? We’d love to participate, too… unfortunately some of us have to pay for a lot of schooling though. How about a send-Devin-to-Blogonomics fund? I’ll sell my soul, I’ll do anything!

Credit Question

Is it normal for a bank to extend your credit limit without any kind of request? I wasn’t able to effectively Google that particular question. Anyway, Wells Fargo just upped my limit a little bit today with no notice whatsoever. I looked around and their site said they don’t extend additional credit until you’re a customer for a year. I’ve only been around 4 months. Oh well, it’s still less than Dell Premiere is willing to risk on me, though.

Review: edgeio

I’ve had time to play with a new service called edgeio. Essentially, it’s a service that enables bloggers to post listings (job, help wanted, housing, etc.) to their blogs. Edgeio then crawls the blogs and finds the posts tagged ‘listing’ and will aggregate them. The service is free to use but will also provide publishers with additional paid services (to help increase exposure).

More GMail Features

I’m moving exclusively to Google Talk. Feel free to add devin.reams at gmail dot com. If I were to do the same analysis I did on MySpace ads on an AIM chat window you’d be as frustrated as I am with wasted space. Anyway, Garett has done more source-code investigating. Interesting indeed. I’m even more interested by the fact that nobody really told me about Yahoo’s voicemail capabilities.

Carnival of Marketing

This week’s Carnival of Marketing is up over at Mike’s blog: Simplenomics. I happen to be featured but the other 6 are far more link-worthy than I am.

Market to College Students

Despite what most marketing consulting groups will tell you, marketing something to college students is not that easy. Sure, we have thousands of dollars in disposable income (for the most part). But, here’s the kicker: we don’t want to spend it on you…