Well, ask and you (well, I) shall receive. I’m now interning with James Turner of One by One Media and working my way towards Blogonomics.Blogonomics is a 5 day blog conference in October where individuals like Jeremy Wright, Tris Hussey, Darren Rowse and Robert Scoble will be speaking (among many other people). This should be a great trip because it’s not merely a social opportunity, it’s a cruise! I didn’t even realize cruise ships had wireless. Personally, I’m looking forward to a day of (mini) golf and some great company.

Anyway, it seems pretty evident that anyone who has anything to do with blogs should be going to this event. You’ll obviously learn a lot and have a lot of great conversations. In addition, you can bring guests! Seems like a nice escape for folks because the conference is held during the boring down time on the ship.

With that said: I’m excited. Have you signed up yet? Apparently the slots are filling up pretty quickly. Plus, if you register now you’ll get a pretty decent discount. So… go register! Don’t forget to tell them sent you!