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Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.


I came across a neat site today, People get bored and like pictures, right? Well this site puts up a 5×5 grid of 25 people’s pictures and if you like what you see you click and visit their blog. I submitted my site.. I wonder how much traffic it’ll send.


I found this to be extremely interesting: an article about stupid students protesting the anti-immigration legislation. Flying the flag upside down, ironically, demonstrates distress… not disrespect. As another reader pointed out, it’s also ironic that “…these young men and women are enjoying their educations on the back of the American taxpayer at a public school, while denigrating the country that provides these benefits to them.” I guess that’s fitting; our public schools don’t teach good sense. Sigh. One of my largest pet peeves has always been “people who make up for intelligence with volume.” Yell louder when that’s all you have going for you… Personally, I blame the French.

MSFT Dividend Math

On it’s face a 9-cent dividend sounds pretty weak

French Strikes

I sit and wonder what the youth of France think will be accomplished through their protesting. The Villepin legislation is meant to stimulate hiring by allowing companies to fire workers under 26 after two years of work. Sure, on it’s face that sounds a bit unfair. It even sounds like “we will let you hire temporary work at little cost to the employer:”

Age of Profanity

An AP article on profanity made me wonder: are swear words becoming mainstream? I was thinking about this last night while watching some ABC Family. I thought to myself: “this is what ABC considered ‘family’ material?” I suppose the downward spiral is inevitable. Besides, they’re just words right? Personally, I find it very hard to express myself on here sometimes becuase I choose not to use certain words. I think these colorful words have begun replacing thoughtful adjectives…

Speaker: Peter Behrendt

*I had the privledge of listening to Peter Behrendt the other evening. Behrendt was CEO and Chairman of Exabyte and previously held executive positions at IBM. He was invited to speak to my management class on leadership skills. The following are his advice and thoughts:

MySpace: The Internet’s Dark Alley

I’ve figured it out: MySpace sucks becuase so many people are on it. Yet, there’s no underlying commonality that anyone shares. Well, except the fact they’re social, they’re bored, and they like to spend time online…

Education Sucks

I really despise our public school systems. For someone as un-smart as myself I’ve figured out how to “beat” them… that says a lot. Oh, and (as mentioned in Paul Graham’s article) our schools act more like prisons. Oh, and now we’re only going to teach the few things fom the national tests. Oh, and I can go on all night. Excuse the blunt remark but as far as education (and remaining competitive) is concerned: the U.S. is fucked.

Jeremy’s Reflections, Thanks

Hah, I have one of the coolest bosses ever. I use the term ‘boss’ a big liberally because I only work a few hours a month with him. Jeremy Wright, author, entreprentur, blogger, and all-around cool guy has reflected on his last 6 months running his (very successful) blog network. How do I know it’s successful? I’m the guy who crunches the numbers and tells Jeremy how much to pay each of his 50-plus bloggers. I almost forgot blogging could be so lucrative (I shoot to earn $1/day with my Adsense). In any case, I appreciated his mention. From one guy to another I realize how tricky it may be to express any kind of feelings so I appreciate his… appreciation. I, too, look forward to the next 6 months.

Gmail for Domains Review

Today I received my invitation to manage my email through Gmail. If you hadn’t heard about this (beta) service yet, you’re either Nick or you live in a Google-free cave.