French Strikes

I sit and wonder what the youth of France think will be accomplished through their protesting. The Villepin legislation is meant to stimulate hiring by allowing companies to fire workers under 26 after two years of work. Sure, on it’s face that sounds a bit unfair. It even sounds like “we will let you hire temporary work at little cost to the employer:”

Detractors say the law gives employers license to use youthful workers for two years then drop them to avoid having to provide the social benefits attached to long-term contracts. Sixty-three percent of the French oppose Mr. Villepin’s decision to keep the law on the books, according to an opinion poll published Monday in the newspaper Le Monde. (NYT)

But to an employed student I don’t see why this isn’t viewed as an opportunity. As the old saying goes: “beggars can’t be choosers”, right? In a country full of unemployed students wouldn’t anything be better than nothing?

Apparently not. It seems that the attempt to give students jobs has been supported by strikes and closures throughout the country. I understand a desire to re-negotiate the legislation… but shutting France down in response seems a little… overdramatic?

Besides, over 63% of our country doesn’t approve of the President but are we flooding the streets? ;-)

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe someone will set me straight…