Devin Reams wearing a teal shirt in front of a teal sign that says 'trouble'

Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.

Ether Beta Test

The first five people to leave a comment here will recieve an invitation to test [Ether][1]. Who could say no to a free phone number?

All gone!

Seeking Hedgehog Feedback

As you may recall, I defined my Hedgehog Concept by determining what I can be the best in the world at. I was able to accomplish this by understanding some of my best qualities. I’ve learned that the easiest and most effective way to define hese positive attributes is to look to others for feedback.

Cool Headline of the Day

**Ozone layer shows signs of recovery: scientists
**The ozone layer is showing signs of recovering, thanks to a drop in ozone-depleting chemicals, but it is unlikely to stabilize at pre-1980 levels, researchers said on Wednesday.

Reboot, New Host

Two things about the site: first, I went ahead and purchased (first time, ever) a webhost. So far I highly recommend Dreamhost. Second, I did the lamest ‘Reboot’ in the history of CSS Reboot. I took my default K2 theme and changed it into what you see here. Plain white, a little red, and my clever logo. As mentioned, I’m also trying Adsense but I doubt it will get me far.

Adsense Experiment

I’m placing some Adsense around the blog. We’ll see if I earn anything. Most likely not, but perhaps…

Cool Headline of the Day

**Stones Guitarist Richards Injured in Fiji
**Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was hospitalized for a mild concussion he suffered while vacationing in Fiji, reportedly after falling out of a palm tree. (AP)

4/20 at CU

I love my school and the police that protect us from… ourselves. Smoking pot is a lesser crime than littering, yet they’ll dedicate these resources to catching a few teens? Last year the only person given a citation was a kid who set up a snack stand to sell chips. He didn’t have a vendor permit…

Cool Headline of the Day

GM Chief Apologizes to Holders
GM’s CEO apologized to shareholders for a series of accounting errors.
Oh, in that case, GM, don’t worry about it. Thanks for the apology! Because that what helps companies survive right? Apologies?

Cool Headline of the Day

Songbirds May Be Able to Learn Grammar
The simplest grammar, long thought to be one of the skills that separate man from beast, can be taught to a common songbird, new research suggests.I’m having way too much fun with this whole “blog” thing.

Funny City Names

At work I found some fun city names. I figured I should keep a list of some of the better ones: