Seeking Hedgehog Feedback

As you may recall, I defined my Hedgehog Concept by determining what I can be the best in the world at. I was able to accomplish this by understanding some of my best qualities. I’ve learned that the easiest and most effective way to define hese positive attributes is to look to others for feedback.

In order to collect the data necessary I sent an email to 20 people. I introduced the concept behind what I was doing and then asked for the following from each person:

Please provide me with three examples of how I add value by completing the following statements…

One of the ways you add value and make important contributions is:

For example, I think of that time that:

In my case, 11 people responded with nearly 30 definite examples of me at my best. I found that the hardest part is then analyzing this data and really determining which traits best describe yourself.

…but it’s just as fun and rewarding to sift through emails reminding you how amazingly great you are.