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Howdy! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I’m a technologist living in Denver, Colorado.

How to start using DuckDuckGo as your search engine in 30 seconds

If you’re fed up with Google (qualms may include: Search Plus Your World providing useless results, changing privacy so you’re tracked across products, weird executives, etc.) it’s really easy to start using DuckDuckGo as your default search engine on your computer:

The effectiveness of Occupy versus blackout SOPA/PIPA

Has anyone started to measure the effectiveness (attention, awareness, change) of the Occupy movement versus blackout SOPA/PIPA?

My Year in Review

I’ve not really been known to think reflectively (or much, for that matter). I’ve seen people like Alex and Joe post a “year in review” and Matt always does one on his birthday. As I read them I thought it was valuable, if not, fairly interesting. So here we go…

Clay Shirky TED talk: Why SOPA is a bad idea

Recorded yesterday and worth a watch today as the internet goes on strike.

Netflix: Portlandia

There’s a special kind of humor that comes out of Fred Armisen. If you’ve not heard of Portlandia, the series dedicated to the zany town of Portland (Oregon), you can now check out the first season on Netflix.

Sh*t Nobody Says

“Touch the screen…”

Google’s Executive personalities make me uneasy

I’ve been a bit bearish on Google lately and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Not to join in on any kind of pile-on, but I think I’ve figured out my unease: the awkward, stupid things the people over at Google say (and how they say it).

Little Girl Upset About Pink Toys

I almost had this exact conversation with Rachel a few months back as she was picking out a new snowboard and bindings that could match her style, outfit, preferences, etc: black and red, not pink and white. (found on Jezebel via Stellar and Sheryl Sandberg)

The “Tebow”ne Shot

If you’ve watched any football lately you’d know we and the media all love Tim Tebow and his on-field down-on-one-knee prayers during the games.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.