The “Tebow”ne Shot

If you’ve watched any football lately you’d know we and the media all love Tim Tebow and his on-field down-on-one-knee prayers during the games.

Well, have you heard of the “Tebow”ne shot? I hadn’t either until the other night when we visited a local pub here in Denver (specializing in meats), Euclid Hall, with some friends.

Since Tebow’s signature move is ripe for emulating and very topical (all the cool kids are doing it), here’s a little bar trick to teach your friends:

  • place an order for a “shot” of your choosing
  • finish off your tasty bone marrow appetizer, save the bone
  • get down on one knee with the bone and the shot
  • tilt head back, open mouth
  • pour said shot down aforementioned bone into mouth

There you have it, the “Tebow”ne (get it? T-bone!) shot. If anything, it’s fun to describe to people, but even more entertaining if you’re looking for some attention…