PIP: Personal Improvement Project

I’ve started what I call my ‘PIP’ or ‘Personal Improvement Project’. The new year has sparked a lot of change already. So far I’ve dropped BusinessBits, established my own domain and completely reorganized my workspace.

But now I’m on to bigger things.

As mentioned the other day, I’ve started a biphasic sleep schedule. I went to sleep two nights ago at 1am (in order to ween myself into it) and woke up at 6. Last night I napped from 8:30p-10p … and then again from 10:03-midnight. Oops. I think my body doesn’t yet realize what I’m doing, which is fine… I expected this. Anyway, I got up at midnight, got some things done and went back to bed at 2. This morning I was back up at 6. I plan to try the nap again tonight.

My ultimate goal is to get through four sleep cycles each day. This means I hit REM sleep three times at night and then once during my nap. I wake up immediately after the cycle is complete. Now, I’ve read that most people’s cycles are about 90 minutes long but it looks like mine are only about 75 minutes long. I’ve discovered this now having looked back at the two times I woke up without an alarm. Going back to my goal, four cycles equates to five hours of sleep. From what I’ve read, this could be more than plenty.

So, I’m going to adjust a bit and see how things go. Technically I’m on my second day and I’m not feeling tired or anything.