My First Pull Request

The Pull Request is arguably one of the most powerful features of GitHub. It has changed the way both individuals contribute to open source projects and how organizations build better software together.

This weekend @andrew and @briannelson created a single-serving site, First Pull Request, which shows you, well, your first Pull Request on

Nearly everyone who I know and searched for has had a fairly substantial, though humerous (in hindsight) request to someone else’s open source project.

Mine, on the other hand is fairly funny and extremely telling:

  1. It’s changes one line of code,
  2. for a client’s website as part of a paid engagement,
  3. …and it was missing a closing HTML tag.

Unfortuately, three years later, the sophisticated nature and technical accuracy of my Pull Requests are unchanged. Luckily, now I’m simply submitting requests internally and not to any customers. :wink: