Simperium joins Automattic

I’m quite happy to hear that the folks behind [Simplenote][1] will be joining the team at [Automattic][2] as I know it means the native iOS mobile blogging experience for WordPress users will improve1.

I’ve found the official [WordPress iOS app][3] to be unusable or very buggy for most of its lifetime (posts appear ‘drafted’ when published and can be accidentally published multiple times, integrations with Stats not working with multiple JetPack sites on one account, push notifications not ‘clearing’ correctly).

Back to my thoughts on [WordPress as a “product or platform”][4]: it seems that the folks at Automattic are de-facto maintainers and sole contributors to the iOS app. Perhaps maintaining Open Source iOS app projects is less attainable since its (currently) less accessible for folks to contribute to?

  • Side note: I stop using SimpleNote long ago after a mis-sync on a new device (with no “notes”) unintentionally deleted all of my existing notes on the server. 

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