“It’s not a web app. It’s an app you install from the web.”

From the Forecast Blog:

…if it looks and feels like an app, and lives on your home screen, it’s an App. With a capital “A.” I’d go as far as to say the best weather App in the world right now is a web app. I may be biased, of course, but the fact that Forecast is even a contender is kind of a big deal. It raises the question: why aren’t there more high quality mobile web apps that have the look, feel, and performance of their native counterparts?

Some of my favorite apps are “just” web apps or bookmarked mobile sites on my home screen: Forecast, COTrip, OpenSnow, TestFlight, GameTonight, Untappd, Techmeme and on and on.

I don’t know many folks outside the web industry that realize this is a feature. I hope apps like Forecast continue to pave the way…