5 Myths of Having Full-Strength Beer in Colorado Grocery Stores

From Lindsey Dulin at Denver off the Wagon regarding “more distribution channels make it easier for new businesses to enter the craft beer industry”:

Once consumers spend their beer bucks at the supermarkets, mom-and-pop liquor stores will begin to vanish. According to the Denver Business Journal, a study conducted by Summit Economics, LLC declares that nearly half of Colorado liquor stores will close their doors within three years.

An interesting read based on the political and business landscape here in Colorado on the subject. Even more interesting, of course, is the conversation in the comments.

Having watched Beer Wars it makes me wonder if a good way to tackle the “crafty” brews (think Budweiser putting out a “seasonal” beer versus true “craft” brewers) is to give better ‘gateway’ beers to the general populace.