The 5by5 Radio app confuses me

I enjoy some of the podcasts on the 5by5 Radio network and today they’ve released their own iOS app. But, I don’t quite get it.

Live Broadcasts

The majority of the app’s features tout the “live broadcast” including the ability to listen in to shows live, see the number of live listeners, view the upcoming broadcast schedule, send push notifications for live shows.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that listen live but is that the audience Dan wants to target? Is having an app for the existing most active listeners something you need to provide? (they already love you!)

In my small world, podcasts are typically enjoyed while commuting or on downtime, not during the middle of the workday, live, while chatting with show hosts and other listeners.


First, I understand the costs (time, money) it takes to build an application. This is no small undertaking, I’m very much aware. Those costs need to be recuperated.

Then wouldn’t the time have been better invested in an app that introduces new users to the shows for free? A free app would attract more, new listeners, create more prominence, and create yet another avenue to get new fans (App Store versus the Podcast listings in the iTunes Store). Then it would be understood that more listeners means higher premium for advertising on-air. Which, the app itself could then also be subsidized through new advertising inventory (within the app itself) and be freely available for both current and new listeners.

This is now a “niche” app for a “niche” subset of 5by5 fans.

Right? Am I crazy?

For now, I’ll stick to Instacast.