Aurora Shooting

From Roger Ebert at

The United States is one of few developed nations that accepts the notion of firearms in public hands. In theory, the citizenry needs to defend itself. Not a single person at the Aurora, Colo., theater shot back, but the theory will still be defended.

First: I’m moved and saddened by this event, it was a weird way to start the day for many of us I’m sure.

Will this be enough to start a real political debate? Not to be insensitive, especially so quickly after the fact, but I appreciate that Bloomberg used this opportunity to say something while Obama and Romney did not (beyond condolences, prayers). I’m curious if this is just going to remain a 24-hour-news story or can lead to a tipping point and begin change? I doubt it. I can’t think of any important gun-related legislation passed after Giffords (a Representative) was shot.

This is all very sad and certainly hits close to home. It’s just as sad how often shootings happen every day in cities across our country. I fear nothing will change.