Apple TV is (just) an accessory

The Apple TV as we currently know it (a black hockey-puck shaped paperweight), is an accessory. It sits on the final page, before you check out, of the iPad store experience. You will see it right there below they keyboard and charger, next to the printer.

Apple is laser focused on a handful of technologies. iPad, iPhone and Mac as “hardware” and iCloud, iTunes and iOS as “software”. The Apple TV is the middle of the venn diagram. It’s an accessory to continue to bring the experiences (hard and soft) together cohesively on a big screen (a different kind of “social media”).

It’s priced at $99 but has brought so many hours of value to our household. Considering how much a DVD player, sound system, PlayStation and other devices cost: this “accessory” is the most underrated, most disruptive, and least costly device that is sneaking in and making way for the next wave of Apple.