My lock screen message on OS X Lion

I added a “screen is locked” message (new to [OS X Lion]( under System Preferences > Security & Privacy) to my laptop since I’m traveling. It says:

“Hard Drive is encrypted. If found, please contact 303-835-3512″

This helps me get a few points across: the drive is encrypted so you can’t steal this to check your email and screw around, I want you to contact me (without explicitly stating there is a reward, or incentive to steal it), I am savvy enough to add a message like this so you think this is a risky laptop to steal.

Do you think this communicates the right message? What would (do) you say on your lock screen?

I’m afraid it may also suggest “don’t bother trying to hack this, just dump the hard drive and sell it” which would slow down any tracking or recovery efforts.