Visiting San Francisco

This past weekend Rachel’s family and I visited San Francisco for a little weekend getaway. We stayed in SoMA which is always a nice downtown experience. With Samovar Tea, SFMOMA, and an Apple Store within walking distance, what else could you ask for?

Beyond the typical attractions (Fisherman’s Wharf) we had a chance to explore some of the less hectic areas in the Bay area. One foggy afternoon we had the pleasure of taking a leisurely walk around Golden Gate Park. This park alone is worth the cost of living in San Francisco. I felt the same way about Washington Park in Portland, Oregon.

We also enjoyed walking around the Marina area and visiting the Exploratorium. I’ve been to some pretty good science museums (Denver, Smithsonian) but this place is amazing. The energy and exhibits possibly could’ve kept us there all day.

On Sunday morning we woke up early, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped in Sausalito to grab breakfast at Fred’s Coffee Shop. The fried french toast was unanamously decided to be as good as it sounded.

We moved on to Muir Woods and spent most of the morning hiking through the redwoods. Having lived in Colorado and traveled much of the Rocky Mountains, I can safely say those trees are unlike any you’ll find inland. It’s a good thing we arrived early because by 10 AM there were busloads of visitors showing up and lines of cars waiting to park. It was not unlike showing up at an amusement park or a beach on a crowded summer weekend. Though, I did realize that what I like most about California mountain roads are the steep pitches and sharp turns; things that can’t coexist with snow.