Traveling with an iPad

Traveling with the iPad is great. I recently visited f8 and carried only the iPad in the Apple iPad Case (I was there for just the day). During the conference I could use it to pull up websites, twitter, email, and take notes; arguably the essential needs during a conference.

I also visited WordCamp San Francisco a few weeks later and, although I brought my MacBook Air (just in case), I ultimately only used it as a very large iPad charger back at the hotel.

Though others have talked about traveling with the iPad at length, here are a few of my observations:

  • Amazing on the plane. Watching video using the Apple iPad case is perfect because you can prop the iPad up at an angle. If you have wifi on your flight it would be perfect for taking care of email.

  • Reading is a joy. The Kindle device is nice, but the full-resolution Instapaper, Kindle app, and iBooks app are far superior and much more easy to use.

  • Heavier than you’d like. Although not nearly as much as a laptop, or even a MacBook air, trying to carry the iPad around for an entire day is tiring. I never notice my iPhone in my pocket, but I certainly notice an iPad in my hands.

  • Battery life is perfect. Its no secret that you can go at least two full days of heavy usage without charging the iPad.

  • Great for meeting people. I had a handful of people introduce themselves and ask about how I liked it. Those often led to interesting discussions beyond the device.

  • On-screen keyboard is sub-optimal. But you probably knew that. If it weren’t so hard to go back and correct typos this would be fine, but it’s hard to go back and touch-and-slide to the precise location where you flubbed. </ul> In short, I will continue to use this as a laptop replacement at conferences or similar events. A laptop is either very heavy to carry or would require a bag. Typically all I’d want to do anyway is check email, tweet, or browse websites; the iPad handles these splendidly. Coupled with the excellent battery life and great experience while reading and watching video, I love traveling with the iPad.

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