On tech writing

“Why ___ (popular company) should __ (buy destroy) ____ (other cool thing or company)” articles are so trite. They’re really:

“Why ___ (my name) wants ___ (edge case) in __ (other cool thing or company) magically fixed with no economic sense by __ (popular company)”

It’s like a really topical MadLib populated with keywords from Techmeme:

  • “Why Apple should buy Skype”
  • “Why Google should buy Gowalla”

I click on these articles *all the time*. Those titles always look so appealing and savvy. They’re not.

They work the same way as “Top 10 (reasons ways) ___ (popular thing) (should could) ____ (sexy verb or name or service)” articles.
  • “Top 10 reasons Apple should buy Palm”
  • “Top 10 ways Facebook could rule the world”

I’m think I’m starting to figure this whole tech writing thing out.