No. I will not fan you, your brand, or your blog

No. I will not fan you, your brand, or your blog. I find it funny that quasi-famous bloggers feel the need to create a Facebook ‘Fan’ page for themselves. Sure, many people are well-respected, followed by hundreds of thousands of individuals, and want to interact with them all (Matt Mullenweg and Gary V), but the majority of you do not; a few hundred or few thousand ‘fans’ are worthless (prove me wrong?). Jeff may disagree, but I see no purpose in becoming a ‘fan’ of a friend’s blog, or their brand, or their product, or whatever on Facebook. That only serves that individual’s own ego and their desire to grow some metric that rarely translates to value (monetary, goodwill, etc.). Social media: don’t just do it because everyone else is. (I realize this is not new thinking, but I wanted to publish it so my stance is clear. Feel free to point your friends here when you get a ‘Fan’ request.)