How to quickly make pretzel necklaces

I like beer (we recently started homebrewing) and I like conventions. That’s precisely why I’m excited for my first [Great American Beer Festival][1] which is conveniently located here in Denver.

One pro-tip brought to our attention was to bring food to a half-day beer tasting convention. Sure, that makes sense. But what is the most convenient and tasty beer-related food you can bring1?

Pretzel necklaces with a pencil

If you haven’t seen pretzel necklaces before, they’re simply a piece of string with hard pretzels, soft pretzels, funyons, and any other hole-based snack hanging from your neck. Think candy necklaces for adults.

You can make a bunch of them quickly if you use an unsharpened pencil or pen to stack up a bunch of the pretzels at once.

Just tape the string to the top of the pencil, slide the pretzels onto the pencil and viola. Now you don’t have to fumble with threading a flimsy string through a hole.

The tool of choice: a non-sharpened pencil with string and tape

Free business idea

I was able to make 3 necklaces this way in less than 5 minutes. I could likely sell one of these for a few bucks at the door while everyone is waiting.

In short, 36 necklaces per hour at $3 per necklace means over $100 for a quick hour of work.

  • Some experts say these make you look “dumb” and may screw up your palate. We’ll see about that… 

    </fn></footnotes> [1]: