Devin doesn’t tumble

…but he does write in the third person.

I like to experiment on the internet. Tweaking, testing, and optimizing to find what works best for me and my web presence. I tried posterous for a while and that didn’t work. I recently gave Tumblr a shot. In short, I am back to WordPress to stay. Not only am I most familiar with WordPress, it offers the right mix of simple and advanced functionality.

Through the use of plugins, I can make my site and my blog as plain or as powerful as I want. Plus, I can jump into the code and make changes that other hosted platforms couldn’t. I always thought simplest was best; let someone else worry about hosting and features. It turns out I can’t give up that power.

In short, this post is an apology to everyone who had 10 unread items from me in their email inbox or feed reader this morning.