Data fragmentation on Facebook

Since we can all agree that Facebook is “the internet” to most people, it’s pretty important what comes in and goes out of it. Since the beginning of Facebook, there have been various “types” of content. It started with Harvard students, then Stanford students, then just students. From there we saw things like groups of people, and photos, and tags. The site evolved into high school students, and human beings, and events, and networks and so on.

Facebook has also invented the “open graph” which is yet another atomic element that can describe nearly any “type” of content from movies, to music, to musicians to business, and so on.

Plus, there is now the concept of “Places”, yet another type of content typically representing a business.

All of this leads to why you can search for a business, even a small one like “Crowd Favorite” and turn up no less than four separate results:

Crowd Favorite fragmentation on Facebook
Crowd Favorite's group, page, company (network) and local business (place)

Which leaves us with these various web addresses to point people to:

  • [](
  • [](
  • [](

Which, if there’s no way to associate all of these, a lot of hard work in establishing brands using pages, and encouraging people to “check in” is completely useless. As a business, I would want to know who and when people check in to my location. When they visit my “Place” they can “Like” it and I can start making a deep connection.

But I already have a Facebook Page with thousands of “Likes” and potential customers and fans that I’m reaching out to, pushing people to from my website, and so on. What now?

And in Crowd Favorite’s case, we also have both a group (which you can’t actually click through to) and a “company”, both of which are fragments left over from the transition of having a company’s “network” of employees.

I feel like this will be solved. I hope it will. There is a lot of data cluttering the web and Facebook is not helping right now.

Don’t even get me started on Apps. How do I know the various “Coca-Cola” apps are really by Coke?