Things I learned at SXSWi 2009

Just a few of the important lessons I’ve learned here in Austin.

  1. Sleep is precious.
  2. Housekeeping doesn’t know that.
  3. Dodgeball

    Foursquare is fun to play.

  4. Companies: Twitter is not the secret to success (nor the end-game); you’re not Zappos.
  5. People really like BBQ in Texas.
  6. Gary Vaynerchuk is still a badass.
  7. But, other cyber celebrities like Scoble becomes less respectable (and relevant) each and every day.
  8. John Gruber talks the same way he writes: smartly (and hasn’t had to buy himself a drink in 7 years, his words).
  9. Companies: Despite the “convenience” of the internet, people still love picking up a phone and talking to a smart, capable human.
  10. Nerd conferences are the only place you’ll see lines for the men’s bathroom but not the women’s.