The Kindle looks amazing

I had the privledge of touching a Kindle 2 at SXSW when Alex and I bumped into Brian. I learned one thing quickly: Kindle owners quickly turn into Kindle enthusiasts and evangelists.

The display is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The screen doesn’t look digital, its almost like it was ink printed right on the device. Let me reinforce: this thing looks amazing! It’s almost as cool as a Book (comic, Penny Arcade).

But, nay, I mustn’t buy one yet. With over a dozen books on my bookshelf (the real ones, dead-tree books) I shall wait until I finish those before I buy up yet another gadget that may-or-may-not persuade me to do more of something (I’m looking at you Nike Plus).

*Update: I bought one! And the dead tree books are still on the shelf. :*