MailChimp releases Analytics360° WordPress plugin

At Crowd Favorite, we often have the privilege of working with some very cool clients. These last few weeks we worked closely with MailChimp to help release a WordPress plugin called Analytics360°.

Dashboard view of the Analytics360 plugin
Dashboard view of the Analytics360 plugin

From the MailChimp blog:

…it uses the power of Google Analytics to tell bloggers what kind of an effect they’re having on overall website traffic. We’ve made it super easy to tell if your blog posts (and email campaigns) are driving traffic to your website…

There has already been a lot of nice things said on Twitter, and over 1,000 downloads. Check out the video to learn a bit more about how it works:


Overall, this was a great team effort. The folks at MailChimp had a great idea, access to great APIs (both MailChimp and Google Analytics) and a lot of foresight. We at Crowd Favorite were greeted with the challenge and built one of the slickest WordPress analytics plugins out there (those visualizations are easy, but not that easy).