Trip to Boston now online

Rachel and I took a quick trip to see friends in Boston, MA a few weeks ago. I’ve finally put the photos online. I love the various web applications out there, here’s how I used three to track my trip:

  1. DOPPLR: Used to see the ‘big picture’ when it comes to travel. I’ve had the trip listed on my travel profile for a few weeks here. Magically, dopplr matches up travel dates to my Flickr timeline to show pictures from that trip. Easily one of the cooler features.
  2. Flickr: I uploaded all my photos with the permissions set to ‘me and family only’. So, all my pictures are archived and I can go back and essentially ‘unblock’ the ones I want to share with everyone else. I don’t have a GPS-enabled SD card but I can manually geotag the location of these photos and have them show up on a map.
  3. Brightkite: Throughout the trip I would ‘check in’ at the various spots we were at. Now I can go back and look at a map view of my trip. This helps with tagging photos but is also a really cool way to visualize a trip.

So there you have it. Three nerdy sites for one cool trip.