Overlooked feature in Facebook

When the new site design launched nobody realized that Facebook added the ‘Top Friends’ functionality:

Always Show These Friends

I don’t see TechCrunch, Mashable, or anyone noticing this. But everyone was very quick to get upset when slide’s ‘Top Friends’ app was taken down (it was a legitimate security concern).

I hate this short-term-memory-loss-lynch-mob we like to call the internet. Uproar and knee jerk reactions over perfectly understandable non-issues. But no praise for the good anyone does. It seems the consensus is: “let’s move on to something else we can get upset about”. This is why Valleywag is dead. Nobody likes complainers. Do something about it. On the other hand, this is the same pandering nature that network news channels commit every day. The same ones that “we” bloggers say we’re up against.

Oh, and if you’re still reading and waiting for the punch-line, here you go. From the Facebook help page taken today:

Facebook Friends cannot be edited

The internet is weird.