My Favorite Passengers, Part II

I’ve traveled quite a bit lately and have been working on being able to entertainingly come up with some common passenger profiles. Here are a few more of my findings:

  • The laptop wielding road warrior: Two trips in a row have I sat next to a woman who insists on working on a spreadsheet or e-mail as soon as her butt hits the seat. The plane takes off, the flight attendant is seated, oooh, yeah? You’re gonna sneak open your laptop before we’re at the “safe” altitude? You risky son of a gun–I’m sure those three minutes were absolutely necessary.
  • Leave the light on, you don’t need it: It’s 10:00 PM, it’s been a long day and we’re all headed home. It’d be nice to get some rest. But no, I’m sitting next to you and you want to stare into space with the overhead light on. Of course, the angle glares right onto my face but I’m not going to say anything (or sleep any). Oh, but once we plan to land you realize its on and turn it off. I swear the cabin is 90% darker now.
  • The seat yanker: Why the hell, once you get onto an airplane, are you unable to stand up under your own power? Is there some amazingly intense gravity field keeping you in the seat? Because apparently you need to use all of your strength to pull on my damned seat! Try using your legs!
  • The talker: Yeah, there’s a time to talk to people and meet new folks–but you’re not interesting. And when the conversation is 90% you talking and the rest me just saying “yup”, “true”, and “oh” why do you NOT get the clue? Do I need to put in my headphones and start reading before I even get to my seat to avoid this? Yes, yes I do. And there are so many more. People are amazing, unique creatures. But somehow the majority of people start to lump together into these profiles once they jump on a plane. Which are you? ;)