My 2007 in cities and celebrities

I wanted to reflect on a few of those fun things, places, people and memories that entered my life this year this year. With no hesitation I present my year in cities and celebrities:


  • Boulder, CO (moved from here)
  • Denver, CO (to here)
  • San Francisco, CA (CommunityNext, birthday)
  • Bay Area, CA (San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Jelly Belly Factory)
  • Beijing, China (Spring Break, Great Wall, Forbidden City)
  • Shanghai, China (Incubator visit, Ex-pat panels, Pearl Tower)
  • Suzhou, China (tea garden)
  • Los Angeles, CA (training, bull riding, Manhattan/Venice/Huntington Beaches, Dodgers)
  • Cleveland, OH (more training, more bull riding, tequila, Indians)
  • Santa Fe, NM (visiting an old friend, culture)

Celebrities (they’re internet-famous)

…and so many more people. Some I didn’t even get to meet in person but had the opportunity to work with, talk to or cross paths (Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh, Jeremy Wright, everyone at 9rules especially Scrivs, Tyme, Mike, seanrox, everyone from Startup Weekend (Micah, Michael, Charlie, John).

Anyway, a good year for new friendships and heres to many more!