Google Docs and quick PDFs

If you’re looking to create a quick PDF you can simply copy and paste your document (or spreadsheet) into Google Docs and export it to a PDF. Neat, huh?

Wait, why aren’t you using Google Docs as your primary word processor or spreadsheet application?


  • Access everything from home, work, neighbor’s computer.
  • Simple online interface and no bloated software to install.
  • Ability to share and easily collaborate.
  • Easy to post content online.
  • Revisions!


  • Cannot (yet?) access offline.
  • Big privacy and security concern.
  • No grammar checking.
  • Very simplistic styling (cannot change line spacing, header/footer, among others).

All my documents at work need to be done on my computer (in Microsoft Office) because of the collaboration tools we use. But, all my personal documents from now on are in Google Docs. What are your thoughts on online software? Any other pros/cons I missed?