Dreams’ Daily Dosage

If you didn’t know, my nickname is ‘Dreams’. Try and decode that one. Anyway, this past week I learned, did, and found a lot of cool things. Check it out:

Dopplr added a carbon journal for travelers to realize how much they’re destroying the planet. Hooray!

I found a nice little Mac app which I’ve been looking for since, oh, I owned a MacBook. It’s called I Love Stars and allows you to rate your iTunes songs from the menu bar.

Communist parties are funny when cats are involved.

It was a big week for sports for me. I visited the Twins in Minneapolis. Saw them play the Rockies in Denver. Oh, and I went to a soccer game (Colorado vs. Salt Lake).

I bought tickets to Colombia. It’s going to be an interesting experience and you know I’ll share my thoughts here.

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