Dreams’ Daily Dosage

Here again are some of the cool things I’ve found, done, or learned this past week:

For you iPhone users, MobileScrobbler will scrobble (send data to last.fm) straight from your jailbroken iPhone. A bunch of other features include: lyrics, playlists and recommended tracks.

I’m a huge proponent of telecommuting. I hate spending a half-hour getting ready in the morning, shining my shoes, packing a lunch and then driving / riding the train maybe an hour each morning. That’s 2 – 3 hours each day I could just as easily work from home! Sun did a study on how much a day or two each week could save in energy.

I’ve started making fruit smoothies in the morning which is probably the best thing to happen to my routine (I wrote about how important morning routines are). It’s as easy as buying some bananas, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries–then mixing it (in The Magic Bullet of course). Heck, make a pitcher’s worth for the whole week. Thank me later.

My Man in India (my virtual assistant from GetFriday) has done some fun tasks for me lately. For a few weeks I had him go into Facebook on Friday, see who had a birthday in the past week, and then send them a message. I love to send people these messages — just to say hi — but I figured it was a simple enough task to outsource. It went well, I had a few conversations with long lost friends. But! Noah Kagan was wished a happy birthday… a few months early.

Watch out for Linkedin address book imports. I accidentally (or was it meant to be?) invited my entire contact list to connect. But, again, I re-connected with some long lost friends (including an ex- from two years ago). I should get an award for most people ‘recruited’ to the darn site, though (at least 5 sign ups a day for a few days in a row).

Haha, that’s all for this week… I’m off to Colombia by the time you read this. See you if / when I get back!