Dreams’ Daily Dosage

Here we are again with some cool stuff I learned, did, and found in the past week:

Have you ever watched a trailer for a business book? Well, click this link and you won’t be able to say that anymore. Dan Pink (awesome!) writes the ultimate career guide (including manga and all) to answer the question we all ask ourselves at work: “WTF?”

Google Health launched and, well, I’m scared. I want to use it. I think? Do I? Hmmm. Yeah, it’s really something I’d do (if I ever got sick / went to the doctor / bought medication).

Noah’s project, Brand Tags, has become one of the coolest sources of free marketing insight. Any company not looking at his site is crazy.

I “launched” my small web-design shop at mindaverse.com. The first person who can figure out the significance of the company name (other than the obvious slogan) wins a $10 gift certificate to anywhere or anything.

Facebook is doing a great job aggregating my online life so far and I don’t feel like I need to post things to multiple places anymore. Goodbye Friendfeed and Socialthing?