Do you set New Year’s resolutions?

I’ve stopped. I’m of the school of thought that a resolution is an excuse to make small steps towards big goals, and then give up because it was too lofty to begin with. Plus, why does it need to be done at the arbitrary beginning of a year?

Okay, the holidays are over and you can stop eating poorly. That may be the one reason you resolve to eat better/exercise more/live healthier.

A year is such a long time (or should be, if you live your life the right way) and I’m not a fan of long-term goals. Sure, you want to have a direction to head (California vs New York) but you don’t need to know which path you’re taking (I-70 vs I-80).

Sure, you can be flexible with your resolutions but then we should just keep them in mind throughout the entire year, not just in January. Can you remember your goals from previous years? Do you monitor them?