Your Guide to the Discovery Channel

I love the Discovery Channel. Why? It’s the only “cable” channel we get in our “basic cable” package. Apparently that package means local programming + spanish channels + paid programming + Discovery Channel. Now that you understand why I’m a self-declared expert on the aforementioned channel, read on to learn more about the diverse programming found on Discovery…

Lets play a matching game! Try to match the description with the show:

  1. Freezing, Wet Jobs – Learn how hard it is to fish in the Bearing Sea (hint: you get cold and wet).
  2. Explosive Jobs – Explore the excitement behind blowing something up four different ways every week.
  3. Robber Jobs – Learn how easy it is to break into people’s houses and what to do to secure your own.
  4. Survival Jobs – Understand how much it would suck if you were stranded, deserted, or lost just about anywhere but downtown.
  5. Dirty Jobs – Learn about the occupations you intentionally try not to learn about.
  6. Psuedo-Science Jobs – See how science can look cool while learning absolutely nothing.
  7. Medical Jobs – A first-hand look at how gross it is to operate on people.
  8. Painful Jobs – Get your adrenaline up watching other people bike, ski, and fall from places you’d never visit.
  9. Construction Jobs – Learn how just about every complicated structure in the world is made and how it never goes right.
  10. Jobs – If a job hasn’t been explored in the above shows its explained here. Actually, there’s lots of overlap.
  • A. Extreme Engineering
  • B. It Takes A Thief
  • C. Man vs Wild
  • D. MythBusters
  • E. Dirty Jobs
  • F. FutureWeapons
  • G. Surgery Saved My Life
  • H. Deadliest Catch
  • I. How It’s Made
  • J. Stunt Junkies

There you have it. Every show on Discovery can be referred to as ___ Jobs. Did you figure out my clever game? Here are the answers (highlight to see them): [ H, F, B, C, E, D, G, J, A, I]