Weekly Update #5

Whoops, it’s already February. I have no idea how time has flown this fast but it has. As I get older the more I understand the phrase “Time is relevant”. The more time I’ve experienced, the less it takes to pass in the future.

Honestly, as another week passes I wonder “What did I accomplish?” With only 52 in a year I’d like to think I can come up with 52 solid accomplishments pretty easily. So, with that said, I will try to sum the week up into my single accomplishment:

I broke a ski pole

I figured my week was all for naught but then Sunday came around and brought me excitement. Let me give you some context: nearly every time I go skiing I decide to turn off my ‘rational’ section of my brain. I go do silly things that I probably shouldn’t. Today was one of those days.

In the past I’ve done some pretty amazing things. Heres one day at the ski jump and another having finished a make-out session with my ski’s edge.

DSCN1485 Skiing injury (1/3)

Today I decided to one-up myself. I was going through a semi-forested run and ended up getting my right pole stuck in a tree branch. It grabbed on and didn’t let go. I, on the other hand, was going quickly past it — also not giving up the pole. This force twisted me oh-so-slightly off course. My right ski got stuck in powder but with my forward momentum I kept going… head first. I ended up in a huge drift of powder. The drift turns out to be a dry creek bed.

Haha, it bent!

So, the pole was bent, to say the least. I went to oh-so-slightly bend it back into place when it snapped.

So I skied all day with one pole (after holding a proper burial, of course). I figured I should hang onto the survivor.

Other happenings…

More conference stuff. More school. I forgot my laptop on Thursday. Apparently class is a lot longer when you don’t have a laptop. I also met Ben; cool guy, tall, smart, knows his sushi.