Weekly Update #4

Last week brought a number of things to keep me busy. AKPsi began rush events last week, I started some work on a couple of web clients, have constantly been working on Community Next planning and, of course, school.


I’ve been involved in CU’s co-ed business fraternity for the last 5 semesters. I pledged, joined as a member, became webmaster and then took over as VP of Operations for a year. For my last semester at school I’m the VP of Membership meaning I plan and manage the pledge process.

Last week we started rush so I had two information meetings to present at and a Meet and Greet on Friday night. After collecting resumes, some short answer responses and meeting rushees we voted on the new pledge class. It’s a lot to manage but I’ve had some excellent help from my pledge masters.

Web work

Apparently when people think of having a website created, edited, etc. they think of me. In short, that’s great. I’ve been approached by two student groups and one student-founded company to work on their websites. I’m certainly no design guru but I’m excited to help these groups out.

Community Next

I’ll be in California in 11 days which means Noah and I have a little over a week to finish up the conference details. Sponsorship has been secured, reservations have been made, catering has been paid, gifts have been purchased, and so on. This week Noah and I were accused of being unethical which put a damper on things. In short, a cheater turned around and called me the unfair one. It’s been a wild ride…


Meh. I think I’m at work more than I’m in class. Graduation is only 14 Weekly Updates away. Here’s to #18!