Weekly Update #3

Whoops, it’s already been another week. Here I am to revisit all the excitement that went on last week. With school starting there’s obviously tons of great stuff to talk about…


I’m only taking four classes this semester (only needed three to graduate, ha!) and it’s going to be nice having a lighter load this last semester of college.

Ethics and Technology

Should prove to be an interesting class. The class will end up co-authoring a published book in groups of two or three people per article. I like to write, I’m pretty versed in philosophy and technology — this class shouldn’t be an issue.

Business Intelligence

This class is dedicated to data, how it’s acquired, organized, distributed, etc. Basically we’ll learn about databases (already quite proficient) and then do some data mining projects. I’m so excited I fell asleep in this class (of 14) on the first day. Oops.

School and Society

This is a class in the education school. Little known fact: not very many guys in education. I’m quite certain there is a 23:6 girl to guy ratio in this class. Again, here’s a somewhat philosophical class about school. There will be reading, a few projects, debating. No worries.

Auditing and Assurance

Oh yeah, I guess I’m an accounting major. This class is basically what I’ll be doing starting in the fall. Working for a Big Four firm working on Technology Services and Risk Solutions. This is a different kind of accounting class. There aren’t many number problems. It’s more about methods and things of that nature. This has potential to be challenging.

That’s it…

For the most part last week was just getting back into the swing of things. Getting schedules organized, books purchased, and so on. Until next week…