Weekly Update #2

As always, Sunday is the day I sit down and recap the latest in the life of Devin. Not because I think you’re interested but because it might be neat to look back in a year and see what it was I found “fun” and “interesting”. With that said…

Saturday Night Out

Last night included Dave and Busters (I keep getting in but I’m not 21, I don’t understand), Cold Stone, and bowling. Probably the three best ways to spend an evening. Two summers ago I worked at Six Flags and we (cash control department) had our end of the year party at D&Bs. Not as many people showed as we thought and I got to keep all the left over game cards. So far I’ve entertained two visits on Six Flags’ dime.

Bowling is fun because when I start sucking, I switch to left handed bowling and use that as an excuse. For some reason last night I picked up a number of spares bowling left handed. I might switch over entirely pretty soon…

Lots of Work

I hadn’t been to work in a month so I decided it was time to go in. There was plenty to catch up on — I worked 25 hours last week. Not a ton but more than I’d like on a break. Oh well, gotta pay for bowling somehow!

Lots of food

This week including dining out a lot. Sunday night we celebrated a birthday and I had a full pound burger at CB & Potts. The next morning we went and had a big breakfast. Then I went out with a professor and had a big vietnamese lunch. I went home, changed, and went downtown to have afternoon tea (and snacks) at the Brown Palace in Denver. That evening? Out to dinner again at the Rio in Boulder. Sigh, it was a hard 24 hours.

Tune in next week when school starts. I have class on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a killer schedule.