Weekly Update #1

This week I begin my year’s worth of updates on me, myself and I. It only makes sense given the site is called Devin Reams dot com, right? This should be a pretty interesting goal slash resolution to keep. Tune in to see how I stretch my life to seem exciting and eventful.


I’ve been up skiing nine times so far this season. I have a Rocky Mountain Super Pass which gets me unlimited skiing at Copper Mountain and Winter Park. Both are owned by Intrawest (the folks who bring you Whistler/Blackcomb, Mammoth, etc.). I enjoy both resorts — I’ve been going to Copper for years and years. This year I got the pass for half off so I couldn’t pass it up. Any other year I’d get the Five Mountain Pass (which gives me 10 days at Vail).

This week I got my skis edged and waxed on Tuesday. Went skiing Wednesday. Fell on my skis Wednesday afternoon, sliced my face, skied a bit more and went home. I proceeded to head back up on Thursday. I like to think I’m hardcore. PS: Check out the Colorado Snow Blog.


Wednesday was the first night I had ever had fondue. To say it was delicious would be an understatement. Plus, the company I enjoyed wasn’t too bad, either. It was nice to have a full four-course meal. As someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking the meal was worth every penny. If you have a chance to check out the Melting Pot I’d recommend it. Heck, just go for the chocolate dessert.

Community Next

I’ve been doing a bit of planning and work on the upcoming conference. Everything like marketing, website work, finalizing the VIP dinner, booking speaker hotels, etc. It’s been a good experience working, planning, laughing and arguing with Noah.


It snowed again this week. Not a ton (like the last two) but enough to shut down schools, businesses, roads, cause a big avalanche, etc. I’m not sure if I’m sick of this yet…