Valentine’s Day Cometh

It seems to be that time again: Valentine’s Day. The holiday most of us are forced to celebrate unwillingly. Why don’t we feel as compelled, if not more, to celebrate the useful holidays like Arbor Day? (Thanks, R).

So, despite Valentine’s Day being an overall bad thing we still have to deal with it. Even if it’s a slight gesture I’d wager you still do something on Valentines. If you’re one of the fortunate few that don’t: congratulations, you picked a good time to be single. Don’t feel left out, you’re one of the lucky escapees.

So what do we do?

Since we’re forced to “celebrate” this holiday in some form or fashion we might as well do it with as little effort as possible, right? Don’t we always say it’s the thought that counts, anyway? With that said, there are two possible routes to go down.

Be My Anti-Valentine

A clever site has been setup called Be My Anti-Valentine which allows you to send clever anti-Valentine cards to that special someone. Fellas, if you have a girl who appreciates this gesture… send her my number, you’ve got a keeper.

But really, if you’ve agreed that you don’t need to waste money on each other to remind yourselves how great you are to each other… then send a funny card.

Valentine Gift Finder

Or, if you’re like the other 99.9% of the nation, you’ll end up deciding now is a good time to let someone know you’re still there and you still care. You may go out to dinner, you might even cook it yourself. Some send cards, others send flowers. Me? I’m a fan of thoughtful, relevant gifts. Sure, chocolate is a given, but wouldn’t you like to find a gift that always reminds your special someone of you?

Well, the folks at Imagini have created an excellent gift finder designed to help us out. In fact, you simply send a quick picture-based questionnaire to your better-half and you’ll have a great list of gifts narrowed down in no-time. In fact, I’ve used it and I was impressed with the results (yes, I purchased a gift this way). It’s quick, easy, and makes things a bit more relevant.

Good luck

So, with 9 days left you should probably get moving. Which route are you taking? Card? Gift? Dinner? None of the above?