Track your goals for the day, week or resolutions

I’m a huge fan of simplicity; I’ve been working on de-cluttering, simplifying, and reducing the unnecessary in my life lately (which is why I’m in love with Zen Habits). I’ve started tracking the many things I want to do by using Joe’s Goals.

Joe’s Goals is a simple site where you set a goal (positive or negative), which days it applies to, it’s weighting (1 point? 2 points?) and then you have a simple grid with days across the top and goals across the side. As you complete a goal every day you check it. Joe’s Goals tracks this for me and serves as a simple checklist (with a history).

Joe's Goals

If you’re looking to start making change in your life, set up an account and set it as your homepage. I’ve done this and, again, being greeted (aware) of what you want to change is sometimes all it takes.