TechStars for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking to really get things started for you and your company (idea)? Luckily theres a group of investors and mentors in Boulder, Colorado here to help you this summer. Announcing, TechStars 2007

The Idea

It’s a multi step process:

  • take your idea and your team (up to three people) to TechStars and apply,
  • get accepted and get your money ($5,000 per team member),
  • get educated by some smart folks like Brad Feld, David Cohen, Dave Taylor, and Ben Casnocha,
  • get your business running by the end of the summer

There are ten companies being accepted this summer with the application deadline being March 31st.

Click here to visit the TechStars website.

Move to Boulder

You don’t have to reside in Boulder (nor Colorado for that matter) but it’s a good idea that you do. If you’re not around you don’t get to utilize the mentors and resources made available. CU Boulder has one of the best entrepreneurial business schools in the country. Plus, I can’t think of too many people who wouldn’t want to live in beautiful Boulder. Check out this picture I took a little while ago.

In short…

If this sounds like Y Combinator to you, you’re absolutely right. But, I know some of the folks putting this on and I’d recommend it to any entrepreneur. You get seed funding, mentor sessions and any number of experts at your disposal. All they ask for is a 5% stake (they are investors, right?). If you’re looking for an excuse to get started… here it is!