One of the best companies…

I sit here debating whether or not to publish this post; I’ve never been keen on writing about my employers. But, I have a really good point I want to make: employers need to take care of Gen Y. Why? Because we’ll take care of you, too. My employer is one of the best companies to work for.

It shows during training: you’re fed well, you’re given a wealth of knowledge (more than you can handle), and you’re surrounded by awesome people. Managers willing to consult you, check up on you, chat at the bar with you. Trainers willing to joke with you, talk sports with you and, of course, educate you so you can be successful. That’s all I ask! I don’t need to be “coddled,” just comforted.

I know I’ll be working hard in the coming weeks. I’ll spend a bunch of time away from people during “busy season” but, again, I’ll be on flights to training all around the country. Global organizations are great like that. In return, I’m excited to start learning on the job and contributing in as many ways as I can.

Its truly exciting to see an understanding, a conversation between generations. I realized it really meant something when my friend Ryan was quote in the same NYTimes article as one of my instructors last week. Thats when I knew I was with one of the best companies to work for.