Everyone is a consultant

Penelope Trunk is predicting it: the end of consulting. I agree. I call myself a ‘consultant’ but I realized that all the work I’ve done in the last few years has been, in essence, “consulting.”

I’m not surprised, either. It’s easier than ever to become an expert (Wikipedia, right?) and it’s especially easy to work from home (Web Worker Daily rocks!). In fact, I intend to work from home or a number of remote client locations for the next few weeks. Heck, I work for a Big Four and I use Toggl to track my time across clients, projects and many other things.

That’s what I love about where I work. There’s a desire to be entrepreneurial, a leader in innovation. Our partner realizes we need to adapt and I strongly believe we’re all consulting for a variety of people (clients, colleagues, etc.). And once everyone is consulting, no one is consulting.